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TopicWorlds provides a simple and unique way to aggregate, curate, create, and give your take on the latest news around any topic.

Your audience simply subscribes and they will automatically receive a content digest around topics of interest via email or real-time online.

By becoming your industry's news leader, you'll gain trust & sell your products or services more easily by making offers within the flow of content!

How it Works

TopicWorlds makes it simple for you to conveniently provide relevant, trending content for your audience to engage upon.

Setting up TopicWorld

Set it and Forget It.

You’re in control of setting the topics and media sources, such as websites, video sites, Twitter handles and #tags. Then you're done! Our software intelligently and beautifully collates trending news, videos, tweets, original content and more.

Setting up TopicWorld

Provide Commentary and Choose Top Picks.

Provide commentary on articles and news that is important. Choose Top Picks so that they go to the top of the list. All of this will be featured in the daily digest. And if you don't have time to provide input, the digest still gets published!

Setting up TopicWorld

Your Audience Subscribes to Get a Personalized Digest.

Your audience will receive an automated, daily content digest in their email inbox, or they can go to the digest online at a URL of your choice where it is updated in real-time. Each member's digest will contain personalized topics they follow along with general news, editor's picks, reactions and comments from you and the community. The digest shows beautifully on both mobile and desktop email.

Setting up TopicWorld

Members React and Engage.

Not only can you give your take, other members can react to news and trends, as well. Their reactions also show up in the content digest, providing them recognition for their contribution. Beyond this, members can earn points and badges for their engagement.

Setting up TopicWorld

Capture Users & Sell through Content.

Not only is our solution an easy way to get your audience to follow topics and provide their email, you can sell your products and services in the flow of content. This is content marketing at its most seamless and frictionless. As your audience is enjoying the content you are sharing, they will see offers from you within the stream. You can then track the clicks and conversions from there.

Setting up TopicWorld

Track Usage.

You always want to know whether your content resonates with your audience or not. Well, with TopicWorlds, you can track every click-through, reaction, share and conversion. It's truly a complete world of attracting, nurturing and converting consumers through content!

Our Unique Approach to Content Provides Immediate Benefits

Here are some of the great ways a TopicWorld can transform your efforts:

Take Your Email Newsletter to the Next Level.

Typically, email marketing is used as a means to funnel customers through a sales process. However, TopicWorlds enables you to treat it more as a soft sale through content marketing, gaining trust and nurturing leads over time.

Provide a Unique Content Feed to Capture Leads.

TopicWorlds offers a new and fresh way to capture leads, as your audience will sign up to follow a daily news and trends feed. It increases the value of the email newsletter, and it is more cost-effective and longer-lasting than landing pages.

Turn Your Audience into an Engaging Community.

Perhaps one of the greatest missed opportunities is providing a way for your audience to truly engage around the content you provide. TopicWorlds allows your audience to like or comment on any content with others.

Avoid the Content Creation Bottleneck.

While content marketing can be very effective, it is difficult to continue to create high-quality content. With TopicWorlds you leverage the content that already exists from leading publishers in your industry and on social sites. You and your audience's orginal takes on the content becomes the basis for interest and engagement. That said, you can easily mix in your own content, as well.

Grow Your Own Social Community.

You've probably noticed that investing in social channels is very uncertain and the ROI is questionable. You can really enjoy exponential growth if you can activate your audience through your own content. TopicWorlds has the social hooks and community-building features ready to go.

Capitalize on the Convenience of the Inbox.

It's a lot to expect an audience to continue to visit your content on a regular basis without some reminders. Well, by delivering a daily digest through email, they conveniently get all of your great content each day in their inbox.

Examples in Action


Follow and react to all of the latest trends around your favorite NBA players, teams and topics.

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SportsTech Trends

Subscribe to the daily digest of all the latest news around Sports Technology.

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Covid-19 Update

Get all of the latest news around for locations and popular issues around Covid-19.

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